Dr. RemingtonI’m Brad Remington, MD and many thanks for visiting!  I would like to welcome you to Remington Plastic Surgery and our passion of providing true excellence and the highest standard of care in plastic surgery.  I am a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have been in private practice for over twenty years.  It is certainly an honor and a privilege to help people look the way on the outside how they see themselves on the inside. At Remington Plastic Surgery, we believe that every body is beautiful and your best is yet to come.

We all have areas of our bodies that we are happy with, areas that we accept and areas that we would like improved.  We offer many options for improvement: skin care, non-invasive procedures like Botox and fillers, laser procedures and surgery.  A procedure can be considered for those areas to be improved if it is indicated, safe, natural and properly performed.   It is indicated if there is a good reason to do it and if it has a good chance of attaining the goal desired by the patient.  It is safe if it is performed with the least amount of risk in a state of the art facility by a board certified plastic surgeon, with a team of a board certified anesthesiologist and registered nurses.  It is natural if it is done as appropriately and minimally invasive as possible.  It is properly performed if done by a surgeon certified by the American  Board of Plastic Surgery with extensive experience and dedication to excellence.  When a procedure is indicated, safe, natural and properly performed, then it is worth it!

I see patients that may not like their breasts, feel their abdomen is not as flat as it used to be before children or their thighs are out of proportion to the rest of their body.  They may want to maintain or regain their facial youthfulness, improve the puffiness of their eyelids or refine the look of their nose.    It is especially exciting to be a part of the journey to help them reach their goals.  Whatever your dreams, they are welcome here!  


                                          ”Let the surgeon be bold in all sure things and fearful in
                                           dangerous things; let him avoid all faulty treatments and
                                           practices. He ought to be gracious to the sick, considerate
                                           to his associates, cautious in his prognostications.
                                           Let him be modest, dignified, gentle, pitiful, and merciful;
                                           not covetous nor an extortionist of money; but rather let
                                           his reward be according to his work, to the means of the
                                           patient, to the quality of the tissue, and to his own dignity.”

                                           Guy de Chauliac, 1300-1370
                                           Ars Chirurgica