Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Tummy tucks can be truly transforming. When there is excess tissue and stretched skin from weight loss, pregnancy or aging, an abdominoplasty can help where exercise/diet programs cannot. The abdominal muscles, often quite separated from pregnancy can be tightened for a sleeker, more defined appearance. Stretch marks of the lower abdomen can be removed and those if present in the upper abdomen can be significantly improved. Dr. Remington patterns the incision under the underwear/swimsuit line to be as hidden as possible and uses a layered closure for a fine line scar. For a basic education about abdominoplasty, click on this Tummy Tuck link. Abdominoplasties are termed a “mini” abdominoplasty if the position of the umbilicus (belly button) on the skin is not moved or a full abdominoplasty if a new exit for the umbilicus on the skin is made.

This is 48 year old lady who has had two children and desires improvement of her abdomen.  She is shown pre-op and four months after an abdominoplasty with liposuction of the flank areas:
abdominoplasty 1 001abdominoplasty 1 002

abdominoplasty 1 003abdominoplasty 1 004

abdominoplasty 1 005abdominoplasty 1 006

abdominoplasty 1 007abdominoplasty 1 008

abdominoplasty 1 009abdominoplasty 1 010

Below is another patient with overstretching of the abdominal skin and laxity of the fascia, which is the tissue layer containing the abdominal muscles.  The fascia has been tightened and the rectus muscles (the “six pack” muscles) have been sewn together.  An incision has been made around the umbilicus and  the abdominal skin pulled down.  A new exit for the belly button has been made in the skin and the the previous umbilical site has been closed vertically:

abdominoplasty 2 001abdominoplasty 2 002

abdominoplasty 2 007abdominoplasty 2 008

abdominoplasty 2 005abdominoplasty 2 006

abdominoplasty 2 003abdominoplasty 2 004

The following patient has also had stretching of the abdominal wall from two pregancies and localized fat deposits in the abdomen and flanks. Here are her pre-op and five month post-op photographs:

abdominoplasty 3 001abdominoplasty 3 002

abdominoplasty 3 003abdominoplasty 3 004

abdominoplasty 3 005abdominoplasty 3 006

abdominoplasty 3 007abdominoplasty 3 008

abdominoplasty 3 009abdominoplasty 3 010