Arm lift

A brachioplasty or arm lift is also usually combined with liposuction for excess skin and fat of the upper arm (this is sometimes referred to as a “bat wing deformity”). This is sometimes caused by large weight loss or some of us are just genetically predisposed to it (“thanks, mom!”). Find out more about brachioplasty with this Arm Lift link. Dr. Remington likes to do a brachioplasty that hides the incisional scar in the armpit (axillary brachioplasty) if possible, but in some patients it is necessary to remove excess skin from the circumference of the upper arm with an incision in the inner aspect of the arm, that hides the scar against the body with the arms at the side. Ace wraps or a compression stocking is helpful to wear for about two weeks and recovery is also about that length of time. An arm lift can improve the hanging skin of the upper arm that cannot be reduced in any other way.