“Wanted to share a bit about my journey into making the decision to having a lower face and neck lift and my lower eyelids improved. For those who know me they might describe me as conservative. I researched every possibility short of surgery. Surgery seemed so extreme. Couldn’t imagine being out of work for too long, pain etc. After an exhaustive search into things short of surgery I began meeting with area doctors. From the moment I walked into Dr Remington’s office I knew this was a great fit. Wonderful staff and he was so personable and conservative in his approach as well. I had the Surgery on January 6th 2020 and in writing this it has been 8 days since the surgery. First off and it may not be this way for everyone but I only needed Tylenol. I never had pain. Day two I went back to the office to have the turban like bandage removed and it was already apparent the surgery was a great success. I still even have my dimples. So happy I did this. All I can say is if you are even considering a surgery approach to a cosmetic situation do consider Dr Remington. I highly recommend he and his staff.

Dr Remington and his staff are the best. I just can’t say enough about them. 5 star service that is for sure. “