Breast Lift

A breast lift is often indicated in women with ptosis (sagging) of the breasts from aging, pregnancy, weight loss or very large breasts. The nipple and areola (dark skin around the nipple) are maintained on a healthy mound of breast tissue to preserve the blood supply and sensation and this mound then elevated to a more proportional and youthful level. The breast is reshaped to a fuller, rounder and younger form. There are three basic types of breast lift: periareolar, circumvertical and so called, inverted “T” or anchor lift. A periareolar lift is the excision of skin in a crescent type shape above the nipple/areola which is then elevated and closure done in a “pursestring” type pattern. This leaves a usually well healed scar around the areola. A circumvertical lift is similar, but with some skin removed vertically from the lower pole of the breast. An inverted T or anchor pattern breast lift is for very sagging breasts in which it is necessary to remove skin from the area of the fold under the breast, thus resulting a scar pattern looking like a “T” upside down. More information may be seen at this Breast Lift link. Reduction of the size of the areola is also often requested. The change of a breast lift is marked. Breast lifts are often combined with an augmentation and a lift is almost always part of a breast reduction.

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