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Facelifting is an art and a science. Each person and each face are unique with aging characteristics that necessitate thorough evaluation to determine which features might be considered for improvement. A review of photographs taken in younger years is helpful to suggest goals to be achieved. Typically, the loss of elasticity and continual pull of gravity create changes in our faces that result in deepening of the folds of our face, development of jowls, and descent of the soft tissue into the lower face.

Before any procedures are considered, correct skincare is essential to optimize the condition of the skin. Less invasive procedures including botox and fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm may be indicated. Face and neck suspension procedures, such as a facelift or platysmaplasty (tightening of the neck muscles) can elevate the soft tissue to a more youthful state.

Facelift/Neck lift marks

The Facelift Procedure

While there are different facelift techniques that can be employed depending on your specific needs, the traditional facelift procedure will begin with the administration of an anesthetic to help keep you comfortable during the surgical process. Dr. Remington will make the incision starting from the beginning of the hairline at the temples, around the ears, and ending in the lower scalp. Limited incisions can be used at the temples and continue around the ear for patients with less skin sagging. Fat is then redistributed from the face, neck, and jowls. He will also position the underlying tissue to improve the facial contours.

Excess skin is then cut and the rest of the skin is re-draped over the uplifted facial contours. Once the necessary corrections are made, Dr. Remington will close the incisions and bandage the treatment area.

For an overview of facelift procedures, click on this Facelift link. Dr. Remington prefers to use minimal incision techniques and less undermining to still get the result we wish, but with less recovery downtime. An important point is to suspend the underlying soft tissue (called the submusculoaponeurotic system, or “SMAS”) for a more natural and longer-lasting facelift. Recovery of two to three weeks is common and most patients report little discomfort and a rapid return to their activities.

What Can You Do To Prepare For A Facelift?

You will have to undergo a medical evaluation prior to your facelift surgery. During this time your medical history will also be collected in order to help determine if you are a good fit for the procedure. You may be instructed to apply certain products to your face prior to the surgery and caution against taking some medications as these can increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure. You should also avoid smoking, as this can slow down your recovery following the surgery.

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Facelift and Neck Lift Result Kirkland

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Recovery and Results

Since the facelift is an invasive surgical procedure, you will need to take some time off work and normal daily activities to properly rest and recover after undergoing the surgery. During this time, it’s important that you follow any post-surgical instructions provided to you. These will include avoiding strenuous activities, smoking, and drinking as these can disrupt the recovery process and hinder the end results. You can expect some swelling and bruising, but these side effects are temporary and will subside. The enhancements provided by the procedure can turn back the hands of time and dramatically transform your appearance. You can expect the changes to last for years after the procedure.

Facelift Procedure Cost

The cost of your facelift in Kirkland can vary based on your specific needs and desired results. During your consultation, our team can go over the expected cost of your facelift procedure and let you know about the payment options available to you.

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Wanted to share a bit about my journey into making the decision to having a lower face and neck lift and my lower eyelids improved. For those who know me they might describe me as conservative. I researched every possibility short of surgery. Surgery seemed so extreme. Couldn’t imagine being out of work for too long, pain etc. After an exhaustive search into things short of surgery I began meeting with area doctors. From the moment I walked into Dr Remington’s office I knew this was a great fit. Wonderful staff and he was so personable and conservative in his approach as well. I had the Surgery on January 6th 2020 and in writing this it has been 8 days since the surgery. First off and it may not be this way for everyone but I only needed Tylenol. I never had pain. Day two I went back to the office to have the turban like bandage removed and it was already apparent the surgery was a great success. I still even have my dimples. So happy I did this. All I can say is if you are even considering a surgery approach to a cosmetic situation do consider Dr Remington. I highly recommend he and his staff.

Dr Remington and his staff are the best. I just can’t say enough about them. 5 star service that is for sure.

– by J.S.

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