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Many men and women have unwanted body fat that doesn’t respond to exercise or dieting. In some cases, stubborn fat deposits can only be eliminated through cosmetic procedures like liposuction. This popular fat removal treatment should only be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Brad Remington. Dr. Remington is a board-certified plastic surgeon and body contouring expert who is considered a top provider of liposuction in Kirkland.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that uses suction to remove fat from the body. Prior to suctioning the deep fat layer with a hollow metal tube like a straw (the cannula), the area is injected with a solution of local anesthetic and epinephrine to decrease bleeding and bruising (the tumescent technique.)

The thickness of the fat layer is thinned, and the area becomes more proportional to the surrounding desirable areas. Only small puncture wounds are needed to introduce the cannula, usually two per site, and these are typically one suture closures.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Compression using some type of garment is especially helpful to decrease swelling and is typically worn for a few weeks. The area may be numb for a few weeks after the procedure before the skin regains sensation. Discomfort is usually described as “aching” and is fairly short-lived. Recovery is about two weeks in most cases. Results can be dramatic. Get some good basic information with this Liposuction for Women link or this Liposuction for Men link.

You and your staff have been more than I had hoped for. I was very anxious about the surgery; your warmth, and sense of humor meant everything to me I wanted to send along a note to try and express my gratitude. Thank you!!!
– by P.B.

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Candidates for Liposuction

Liposuction can be an excellent surgical procedure for those who want to remove excess stubborn fat from their bodies. Dr. Remington will perform an assessment of your bodily contours and ask about your medical history to help determine if you’d make a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Where Can Liposuction be Performed

Liposuction can be performed in several areas of the body. Again, liposuction should be considered for areas that have localized fat accumulation. If you are overweight, the solution is not liposuction, but weight loss with a diet and exercise program. A common area for liposuction is the neck when the skin has good elasticity and can be expected to contract nicely when the fat is removed.

Cost of Liposuction in Kirkland

Every patient has different needs and aesthetic goals, so the price of liposuction varies. Dr. Remington will create a treatment plan for you after assessing your cosmetic concerns and learning about your desired results. Your treatment plan, including the associated fees, will be reviewed with you prior to scheduling your liposuction procedure.

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